Friday, June 29, 2012

The Spider - A Guest Post

Room 13 is very lucky to have Mia occasionally spend time in our class. She visits us when she comes to Auckland. Today is the last day of Term 2 and Mia is with us again. 
During the holidays the walls in our classroom are being replaced. Because of this we had to spend this morning ripping all the old fabric off the walls. 
Unbeknownst to us, a very large spider has been living underneath all that fabric. 

In the corner of our class room there was a black spider, it was huge and he is called Mr Blacky. He had big crawly arms and was very slow, yet fast at the same time.
Mr Blacky had a very nice home until the end of the term. Because we came and ripped all of his spider web off. Now Mr Blacky is very cross and he was waving his arms around.
That's how angry he is.


  1. Hi Room 13!!!
    I miss you guys heaps but it sounds like you have been having lots of fun.
    Keep up the great work guys!!!

  2. What an interesting observation about Mr. Blacky! I wonder where he will build a new web while your class is on break?
    Julia from NYIT

  3. hello wow a big spider in your class room called mr blacky very creative did you know that there was a spider in your classroom until the end of the year

  4. hello wow a big black spider in your classroom that must have been cool i liked the name it was really creative did you know that there was a big black spider in your classroom until the end of the year?


  5. Hello room 13. Nice name for a black spider! I liked how you could give a spider such a name like that. Funny how the spider waved his arms around when he lost his house!


  6. Hi room 13!That must be really cool having a black spider called Mr Blacky.What a really creative name.I liked how you described the spider waving its arms around.Very interesting.You should come see my classrooms blog.Hope to see you soon.