Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Make the World More Awesome - PE Style

Well done Isara, Wyatt and Rocky for entertaining us and creating a super cool "Pep Talk". I
As a class we watched "Pep Talk" on you tube and these guys wanted to make their own. They sure exhibited the message of the story during the creating of this clip. Working together, creativity and laughter.


  1. Hi Room 15, You are AWESOME! I know your teacher! We were on the same team last year - the e-fellow team, and I think we are on the same team for life - friends! What a wonderful pep talk! You made me laugh and dance and cry - tears of joy at your awesome message. Can you please ask your awesome teacher if I can use your pep-talk as I travel around schools this year? I would love to visit your wonderful class when I am in Auckland. Well done! :)
    Anne K

  2. What an inspiring video, Isara, Wyatt and Rocky. You included some very important things in there that everyone should hear and do. Plus you made me laugh and this is such a great moral. You guys are definitely making the world more awesome. Keep it up.