Monday, May 24, 2010

Jenga Dominoes

On Friday Max,Iva and I played Jenga dominoes. We put the blocks up and it was ready to go Miss King was going to record it but it fell down before she was ready. We built another pattern of blocks and it was in a circle. As Miss King was recording the blocks were toppling too fast Max, Iva and I were laughing. After that Miss King put the recording movie on her lap top.When the bell rang we watched our Jenga dominoes on the big screen.


  1. WOW that was amazing. If I did that it would of busted down.

  2. Dear Room 14 - We watched your volcano movies on the news today and we thought the animations looked like real erupting volcanoes!!
    We liked the fire colors you used, and Miss Wild especially LOVED the descriptive language you used. Arohanui, Room 2