Thursday, May 6, 2010

Britney Recount's about Iron Brion

Yesterday after morning tea we went to see IRON BRION in the hall. He said let's read the words, meat & meat alternatives, milk and dairy products, vegetables and fruit, breads and cereals. Then they were giving out prizes. Then IRON BRION said let's play a game. Then the girl said "Remember it's not game time it's dancing time." "OK then," said IRON BRION. Then we had to say goodbye and we went out side to eat a hamburger. We enjoyed our Burger.


  1. wow how you kids are so lucky to have IRON BRION come to your school i wish that he could come to my school.

  2. Hi Britney,
    That sounds really fun and exciting. I remember when I went on the stage for the dancing game. It was really really scary and embarrasing . I just stood there and done nothing. Keep up the god work.
    From Makerita.