Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Caroline swimming thoughts

In the beginning of term 4 there was an huge truck on the netball courts Point England kids were asking the men what are they building?’We are building your guys own school pool’.Room 14 only swims on Tuesdays. When room14 started swimming it was really cold when we got inside we were all shaking because it was freezing. Men and women to came teach,water polo, life surfer,and snorkeling. 1 week later anyone kid can sign water polo or something else you go on Tuesdays Wednesdays Thursdays or probably Friday and Monday.I was in water polo i like playing water polo is so fun. If you play that game you cant walk with the ball you can only swim with the ball with one hand. Every lunch time that will always and we learnt how to kick, with out splashing.It’s so enjoyable to have a really long,huge,and large pool at Pt England so that any class can book the pools out our class room.

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