Saturday, January 1, 2011

Mary V 2010 Reflection

Being a year 5 and learning as a year 5 is fun and has made me learn much more about some of the subjects. We have been on lots of trips and adventures but most of all, we have been having our own google apps with our own user name and password . That is my favourite part of all!

While having our own google apps we have been learning about our topic which is little critters. I love learning about little critters because critters are easy to explain for me. The only critter that I have learned more about is Honey bees. I have bees, write about bees, read about bees and sang a song about bees.

I could have worked harder at doing maths work sheets because maths is my hardest subject except for time tables, pluses and subtractions. My only goal is to pass university and become a doctor. Next year I want to be the number one at maths.

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  1. Well done Mary. What a great goal to have - to be a doctor. You have a caring nature which is a wonderful assest for any doctor.
    Thank you for working hard this year. I am particularly proud of your achievements in writing and in learning to manage your time ot complete your work.
    All the best for an amazing year 6.