Saturday, January 1, 2011

Caroline's 2010 refletion

Its amazing being an year 5 because Miss King is an cool and brainy teacher she makes us laugh and she is super kind because she takes us out and play some of he made up games also we have been on lots of trips and adventures but most of we a getting our own netbooks also if you pay it you get to keep it.That is cool aye!

I have enjoyed this year is sports, the thing I have enjoyed the most is art and camp.I mostly walk around with my friends when it was camp, that was the thing I liked and done more of.I liked learning this year is reading and maths,I think i could work harder at writing. My best memories this year is is going to One Tree Hill.My goals next year is going to more trips. Before next year I want to get my rubrick mark higher,the thinng I have improved my maths and sort or reading

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  1. How cool that you've had such a great year Caroline. I agree, you have done very well in maths this year. Your reading and writing have also improved a lot.
    Year 6 camp will be so much fun, and something to look forward to. It will be a fabulous year in 2011.