Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Movie For Christchurch

Levi came up with the idea of making a movie to show our support for Christchurch after the earthquake. We wanted to show our love and support as well as hopefully inject a wee bit of humour.
This is for you Christchurch


  1. "Wow Rm 13 that was great
    I like what you have done.That was so amazing.I wish I was in your class learning what happened in Christchurch,it was really sad when they had a big earthquake.You could imagine if any of your family was dead in a house."Did you know that 200 people couldn't get help?"
    Well that was a awesome effort.Keep up the awesome work
    rm 13.From Ramona.k

  2. Hi room 13
    great movie ,you did well on your painting and fabulous dancing room 13.
    from hope

  3. Well Room 13, This will bring a huge smile to anyone who watches it. I hope lots of people from Christchurch can get to watch it. It will warm their hearts.

  4. Hi Room 13 kings I really like your art picture because it shows that you really feel sorry for there earthquake and all the damages that have hapened.


  5. Hi room 13

    WOW what an awesome movie for supporting Christchurch. you rock room 13 :)

    from Mya :]

  6. Hi guys :)
    We are students from teachers college in Christchurch and have been looking at your blogs! We loved your blog about Christchurch and your awesome video and art work! It means a lot!

    Holly, Elsie and Gert :D

  7. KIA ORA guys that was fantastic you nearly made me cry. Keep up the good work.

    Tui Moa