Monday, March 28, 2011

Cool Maths Strategy

Today we decided to experiment with I Can Animate and show off a really cool subtraction strategy called Equal Addition. Making movies like this one helps us think a bit more about each strategy and when we might use it. Stay tuned for more just like it.


  1. Hi Room 13
    That is a really cool and a great way to find out your math. Keep up the great work
    From DESTINY

  2. ooo now i get it the answer is 35 i knew it because i took of the 1

  3. Hello Gloria and Levi,

    It is me Sela that was a great statergy work. Keep it up guys I hope that you guys are posting more. I am looking forward to seeing you post more. great work figering out thoose Answers.

    From the Lovely Sela in Rm13