Sunday, February 26, 2012

Keep Ya Head Up!

Our first MTV of the year and Miss King had NOTHING to do with it. Mary, Sela, Jordenne, Thea and Iron worked hard together to plan, film and edit this very cool video. We can't wait to see what they come up with next.
Ms T - this post is for you!


  1. Kia ora Room 13, this was my first opportunity to watch MTV live @ PES.

    I like the positive vibe of your video...I will be keeping my head up ;-)

  2. Hi Room 13,
    We liked your movie because the music was awesome and most of us have heard that song before. Keep up the great work.

    From Room 9

  3. hello room 13 I really liked what you did I must of been fun from Caroline glen from parkvale school

  4. Great music video. here is our class video and this is my blog link

  5. hi room 13
    That was so cool i loved it kep the work up
    here is my blog

  6. cool I really like it question did all of you do it please check out my blog

  7. Hello we thought you video was cool you guys must of worked hard!!

    From Aiyah and Kyrah from Whangarei Primary School

  8. Hi guys I really liked your movie it was amazing. I know that you worked hard with your awesome movie. Can't wait
    to see your next movie.

    From Dhara

  9. You sure have perfected that hair looked cool. A great video. Grandma,New Plymouth.

  10. Kia ora Mary, Sela, Jordenne, Thea and Iron.
    Firstly thanks for making me cry... Yes they were tears of joy and aroha - Still missing PES heaps and MTV's like this will definitely keep my head up.
    I have something cool to show my class on Monday - they have almost finished their first MTV too. You are inspirational and I am impressed that you planned, filmed and edited everything yourselves - you must have a fabulishious teacher :)
    I love your confidence and smiles in the Video too - Ataahua nga tamariki - You guys are beautiful x
    Ms T

  11. wow what was that good jordenne keep up the good work hope to see more about your class

  12. Hi sela, jordenne, thea and lron
    Wow that was amazing I really loved your movie it was so great and fun. I am not going to forget about that. Well keep up the good wrok girls I hop I see more great

    From ofa. :)

  13. WoW that was the best movei ever hi room 13 this is kevine and all I want to say is that you relly have a cool movie. I hop all of your moveis will be cool just like this one.

    form kevine


  14. I like you music that you put in the are a pop star at making a P.E movie also your lipsticks is so amazing .Was it hard to make the pt England Slye movie? The best movie ever .

    Well done and keep up the hard work with Miss King . Smart class

  15. My favourite part was when you let your hair down. I really like how you worked together in the movie. My favourite move in the movie was when you were twirling in a circle.Did it take weeks to do your film?