Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Being a Great Learner

 Room 13 is FINALLY back for 2012. We have been so super busy getting acquainted with our new netbooks, and are very exciting to be learning with them.
 We spent some time during our first few days of school deciding what qualities a great learner might have. We then decided to display our favourite on a special tree. Each tree was created collaboratively. This means that we helped each other and worked together sharing our best ideas to reach a fabulous outcome. Come and visit our classroom (if you are ever in Pt England) so you can see our trees up close.


  1. Kia ora Room 13 Kings... It's about time! I've been waiting for your fabulous posts and I must say, your collaborative trees were definitely worth the wait. I agree with all of your 'great learner' qualities but I have a question. I see 'creates' on one of your trees. By that do you mean being creative or just able to create something or anything?
    I really do WISH i could see your trees in person (as well as all of you and your wonderful teacher) but I guess I'm just gonna have keep in touch via your blog. Yes... I'll be watching you all so get posting!

    P.S - When's your first music video release?

    Ms T x

  2. hi my name is Daniel I am in room 20 at parkvale school and I am in a computer class two I love your slide show and your Blog it and iv got my on blog two i hope you make a coment on My blog By!!!

  3. Wow those look cool i like all of your words that you have used.

    By Aiyah