Sunday, July 22, 2012

Team 4 Teachers Go For Gold!

Each new term our teachers immerse us in our topic of inquiry for the term. This term it is all about the Olympic Games. Our teachers are a little bit weird, but they certainly had us all laughing.


  1. OH that is PURE MAGIC! What a wonderful team - the fun, the adventure, the humour....
    Love it!

  2. Oh my golly gosh! i have the answer for you Russians... You need to join the circus!

    Take a minute to picture this...
    Me spilling my coffee down my front as I pushed 'play' and after putting down my coffee I used both hands to wipe away the tears of joy and sorrow. Joy from your amazing and inspiring performances and pain from the fact that I miss PES immersion assemblies!

    Thank you for making me laugh and I bet the kids loved it!

    Your biggest fan
    Ms T xxxxx (one for each of you)

    P.S - Mr Marks your calves are amazing!