Sunday, August 5, 2012

Olympic Theme Songs

As a part of our learning about the Olympic Games, we have compared two different Games' songs with the Olympic Ideal promoted by Pierre de Coubertin in 1896. These music videos present what we found out.


  1. Great post Room 13!

    You have definitely convinced me that the song used in the 1990 Commonwealth Games reflects Olympic values while the Muse song for London 2012 is lacking in Olympic values. I like your critical thinking and how you presented your findings.

  2. Great Post room 13.
    I love the theme songs they are so cool.
    The green screening is fantastic and I can't wait to do it in my class.
    The way that you chose to present it was awesome.

  3. Awesome post room 13.
    What great theme songs. I love how you did the recording. It makes it more interesting. Well done!!! :)

  4. Cool room 13.
    What great them songs you have made.

  5. Great work room 13.
    You have done great on It.
    I think you did the best.

    Angus room 19 Parkvale school

  6. Hi Room 13,
    I like your movie.I also like how you changed from I part to the other.
    The second one was cool.Your class has been working hard on this movie.

  7. Hey Room 13

    I really enjoyed your movie. If I was a director i'll sell it for 1 million dollars. Shalom and Isa your always the best I know in every movie yous make. Congratz on the new camera. Hope I see another great movie from yous.

    See ya

  8. I was wowed when so much information was coming to me and i got so amazed! I hope room 13 can keep up the good work and be proud of them self and also they pretty teacher!

  9. Thank you,
    Thank you Miss King for putting that toghter for us I still remember about room 13 I really miss you and hope you have a good time in room 15.xoxoxoxoxoxox