Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Santa Stockings

Thank goodness that all of DaBoyz made it on to Santa's Nice List because.... he visited us and left some pretty cool presents!
A couple of weeks ago Gigi made us our own stockings that we got to decorate with our own Christmas pictures. Because we have had such a great year, Santa made sure to visit us all and leave such lovely gifts.
The highlight of unwrapping our stockings had to be the socks.
Thank You Santa and Merry Christmas everyone.


  1. Great work boys. You have obviously been working very hard this year. Love seeing the joy on your faces. I also love hearing your gratefulness, it is always good to be thankful. Enjoy your pressies. Miss G.

  2. What a mean-az idea Miss King and Gigi! Christmas stockings is not something my family has ever done. After watching this - I think we may give it a go! Love your work boys and Gigi.