Thursday, August 20, 2009

Goldilocks and the Three Bears - The Ending

As Goldilocks woke up she spotted three hairy, fat and grumpy bears staring at her. She yelled, “AH I’m going to get eaten!” She jumped out of little bear’s bed and ran hastily down the stairs. Goldilocks opened the door and ran through the enchanted forest, crying for her mum. Soon she was back at her house and in her mother’s awaiting arms.

Just then Goldilocks woke up and she saw three horrified bears, she started to scream “HAAAAA’ and fell out of the bed panicking. Father bear then roared as angrily as he could “What are you doing in my house?” Goldilocks suddenly saw a gap between the bears, she ran as fast as she could through the gap. She rushed into the enchanted forest and never returned again.

Just after Goldilocks’ sleep the three bears returned from their picnic. “Hey who fractured out window?” Thought father bear. Walking inside they kept stepping on the broken glass, crunch, crunch, crunch. They walked towards the table, “Who ate my porridge?” Yelled baby bear. They continued on through to the chamber and that’s when Goldilocks began to scream. She tried running but Papa Bear caught her by her leg. Goldilocks thought quickly and grabbed her pistol from her knickers and shot the three bears right through the heart.

“Ahh” Goldilocks yawned as she woke up. She rubbed her eyes twice and was about to get her stuff ready to go back home when suddenly three huge horrific bears were standing right in front of her. “What are you doing in my house?” Father bear said angrily. Goldilocks hesitated to answer, “ah oh” she said quietly to herself. “Well aren’t you going to go?” on of the bears said calmly. Goldilocks quickly packed her things and ran down the stairs in confusion. She opened the door, headed over the hills and back home again.

Just then, Goldilocks woke up. What she saw standing in front of her were the three bears staring at her. She screamed “Help” but there was no way to escape. All the windows and doors were locked. Then she thought that she had an idea. Goldilocks had long hair like Rapunzel, so she tied her hair to the bars on the windows and started to climb down. The Papa Bear went upstairs and said, “I’m coming to get you Goldilocks.” When he got into the room he saw her hair dangling out the window. He started to pull her hair. Goldilocks had forgotten that she had scissors in her pocket and now she had no choice, she cut her hair and shouted, “I’m free!” “I will get you one day” hissed father bear. Goldilocks never came back to the enchanting forest again.

Waking up with blurry eyes Goldilocks found herself looking at three brown hairy bears. “Ahhhh!” Goldilocks screamed in panick. She tried to talk but she was speechless. Putting their paws on their hips and looking angrily at Goldilocks the bears began to question her. “Why did you break my chair? Exclaimed little bear. “Yeah it took me two months to build and paint it,” said Papa Bear said angrily.
Still panicking Goldilocks dashed quickly out of bed and squeezed past mother and papa bear. She ran down the stairs screaming her head off and out the door. “Why didn’t I go to the summery forest instead?” She thought desperately, running across the snow and back home.

Just then Goldilocks woke up and she heard a noise coming up the steps, it was the three bears and they were angry. “Who ate all our food?” they shouted. Goldilocks screamed and called for help, but nobody came. As the three bears went into their bedroom, Goldilocks ran straight out the door and into the enchanted forest crying for her mummy all the way home.


  1. Hi fantastic writers,
    I really like it how you used great words and wonderful sentences.It really shows what you guys learn while you are in class.I can't wait for more good sentences.

    From Kayde

  2. I agree with what Kade says about your writing Room 14. You have writen some wonderful endings to the story. I love the way Sifa's bears give Goldilocks a good telling off for damaging their property! And Miracle, you have made Goldilocks into a sports woman, seeing the gap and running through it! I also like the endiing there that reminds me a bit of rapunzel with the long hair dangling out the window.
    Well done all of you.

  3. Hi Room 14!
    Those were some pretty cool paragraphs. I like it how you have been using new vocabulary. I liked it how Sifa included ' like Rapunzel's..' in one of his sentences. I also liked Chanel's paragraph. Those were all fantastic pieces of writing. I really enjoyed reading your paragraphs.


  4. Hi Room14

    What fanstatic paragraphs you have writen. What great work.Keep it up for the rest of the term.

    From Te Roimata

  5. Hey Shawn

    Nice writing about the three little bears. I like the way you have described the three little bears. There are heaps of ways to telling it.

    Anyway keep up the good work
    Matthew and Cruz