Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I Am Making Movies Awards Night

Room 14 had entered a movie competition and it was time for the awards ceremony.
Yesterday at 2:45 pm we went in the bus to go to the museum. In the bus Dillon, Kingston, Samuela and I were sitting together getting smart to each other. As we were looking out the motor way we saw a red car and Dillon said ''All goods brother'' to it and we were laughing .

Finally we arrived at the museum.As we got out Miss King was freezing so she was holding me because I was warm.Then she said to the kapa haka group ''We are going in first." The kapa haka group had to stay in the coldness. Me and my movie group were excited, but man it was hot inside.

We got in the theatre room and the kapa haka group were on stage. They looked like choirs but with out the funky dresses and the scary faces when they were performing. They sang four traditionnal songs that were important and supporting us.

We had won the best story telling movie because we were just the bomb. It was exciting when we won because Dillon, Kingston, Ramona, Mary L, Samuela and I got to go on stage and show off our clothes. I got to do a speech because I was the chattiest one out of all of us.

Afther the ceremony we ate some food,like fruit kebabs. The one with the pineapple was yuck because it was sour. The drink washed it down and it had a delightful taste

I think that the museum movie competion was actually wicked and awesome.

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  1. Hi James,
    I was so impressed with the way you spoke. Your story was very detailed and explained what had happened there. I was very sorry not to have been there. Were you nervous speaking on behalf of your class? You did an amazing job!!

    From Miss Lavakula