Monday, June 21, 2010

He Tangata, He Tangata, He Tangata

We made this movie as part of a competition for the Auckland Museum. Lots of schools from all over Auckland entered the competition. We were delighted to find out that we had made the finals. We got to go to the awards ceremony at the museum too. Keisha Castle-Hughes even gave out the prizes!
The idea of our movie is that even though technology has changed throughout the years, people are still the most important thing in our lives.
All of us enjoyed making the movie. We were so excited to find out that we had won the most Creative Storytelling category. We think our movie is just AWESOME - What do you think?


  1. I am so so so proud of the work and thought that all of you put in to this movie. I particularly loved the way that you worked through the planning and ideas. You asked great questions and found out some new and interesting information. Dillon, your original song is, in my opinion, the highlight of this movie and I hope that you can show off your talents again. The actors did such a great job with your script and characters. Our writers researched and storyboarded an outstanding script and plan.
    Thanks for representing PES so well team!
    Miss King

  2. Hi Room 14,
    Well done on an amazing project/movie. My family and I enjoyed watching it and I am sure all who view this will too, love it. Looking forward to participating and watching more from you.

    From Hosannah Setefano

  3. Well done Room 14. I am so proud of you for creating this wonderful movie. Winning a prize was very cool, but I think you won a prize before you even went with all the things you have learned and the skills you have displayed here. I must say that I really enjoyed listening to the sound track being recorded outside my office and I couldn't believe it when I heard that Dillon had composed it.
    I am wondering what you will come up with next??
    Mrs Burt

  4. Hi Ramona,
    I really like the part when you said "My babies!" to Osana and Kingston because you had a cranking voice kind of.Also you looked like a real mother with your white cardigan and purple scarf.You were a happy, keep on smiling mum and you were lucky that you ate Fish and Chips with Hot Dogs for dinner.Great job on your acting.

  5. Great work Room 14, you are all very talented. I'm extremely impressed with the actors and all the children behind the scenes that helped make this movie. You've got a great teacher too! Well done.

    Miss Lavakula

  6. Kiora room 14

    That was a great movie that you shared. I really enjoyed it.

    From Te Roimata

  7. Great movie - well done and thanks for sharing it with us.

  8. Hi room14 I realy like your movie about he tangata he tangata. I realy like the part when kingstone got frozen.

  9. Hi room14 I Lire your movie and I am so prod of Jame for tirding your best keep it up.

  10. Well done Room 14. There is so much to think about in that film. I loved all of it--ideas, acting, music...everything. Great work.

  11. Hi room 14 I liked your movie because you put a lot of effort and heaps of details in your movie , Keep it up.

  12. jessica says
    Wow done room 14 you did a great job i liked the bit when osana's phone turned off and when they went to find there mother.

  13. Well done for making our class win a digital camera. Ramona i like the way you said"My babies!" and you guys were cnfident. I like the way kingston done a facecial. I like your ideas that you put in your acting and music. Dillon you are a good helper at making a song. Kapa haka group you are great at doing your pukana face and action. Was fish and chips yummy?
    By Turuhira

  14. Well done guys you did well you one our class a digital camera you worked really hard i liked the way that you said shush you egg well done to the pukana face that looked funny well done James you did a good spech

    from Anahera

    I really enjoyed the awards ceremony it was the highlight of my week. It was awesome to see the kapa haka group there supporting you all. I really think that when you believe in something that you do you will be rewarded and kids that you were. From all my family i want too say WELL DONE
    Marsha Puru Van Doren
    Love you kingston!!!!

  16. : well done room 14, that is an excellent movie that you and your peers have produced. From what ihave been hearing it was an outstanding award ceremony, and ialso heard that the kapa haka group was awsome to ! :)
    ido think that if you room 14 will go far with movie making ! ireally see some potential in that class of yours ! ihope to see more interesting and hilarious movies because ithink that you will grow up to be movie actors or even movie producers ! you never know what the world is going to come up with next you just never know ! well thats enough from me hope to be back here soon ! once again well done, good job and hope to see some more movies from room 14 ! whooooooooooooooooh !
    : love you doni and dill boy !
    tiana !
    xxxxxx :)

  17. Hi room 14 That was are cool movie that you made.I really liked the actors espeacially me ! I hope you win alot more prizes next term !

  18. HI Kingston I realy liked the way you said my battery died out because you said it with expression and also nicely.Good job on making the movie its a good job dont you think.Congragulations i am making movies makers.Well done guys you wone us a cubershot camera.

  19. Britney says
    wow done room 14 you did a great job i like the bit when osana phone was flat. I hope you enjoy it.

  20. Hi room14 I really liked the way you acted and used expression.

  21. Hi kingston and Osana
    It was really nice when you performed your active
    item to us.It was really awesome I thought you guys
    were great.Kingston when you showed your act it looked you were the dummy person and Osana you acted like the nice kindly girl and you guys were acting like brothers and sisters.It was nice to watch your performance but please Osana can you please tell your brother Kingston to not be a silly boy who wonders around and do what ever he wants to do. I also like what you guys have done at the Museum I hope you enjoyed what you did.It was really cool when you both had to work together.The thing that I mostly like was when you
    saw this white statue and you were laughing about

  22. Hi room 14!!
    I really like your movie,I think it's the best one I've seen so far. You guys rock big time!! I was a bit jealous because you guys got to eat Fish and Chips!!! Was it tasty? I would of said "Yes". Any way I hope to hear more from you!!

    By Joshua. Rm 17

  23. Hey Kingston and Osana, AWESOME!!!!!!!!! It was literally a pleasent delight for me to watch that extavaganza movie! How did it feel to win an award for the best movie in the entire Auckland? Hmmmm..... "COOL" Fish and chips, yum. I would rather perfer China town in Rotorua better. If you keep this work up, in the future, you'll become for famous than the famous band, Temtations!!!

    From Kayde

  24. Bonjour Room 14! C'EST FANTASTIQUE! Quel travail extraordinaire. ..You are a very talented bunch and your movie is just awesome!
    "Felicitations" for winning, you certainly deserve it. You must have an exceptional teacher too to lead you through your creative work.
    Great job!

  25. Hi Mary its Tauwhare here
    It is just so awesome to watch that movie all over again. I love the music in the background do you know that. Well I will see you around school.Tauwhare.