Monday, August 2, 2010

Jesiah Christopher Columbus story

In the 1400s Christopher Columbus sailed west to get to India. Columbus asked the King of Spain for money and a boat to traveled around the world to India . He called the people Indians because he thought he had reached India but he had actually discovered the Americas.
Christopher Columbus wasn't the first person to discover south America. He was the only man to sail the Atlantic ocean to south America and to return back to Europe. People now knew that there were two more continents; North and South America. It wasn't till the 1700s that the Europeans discovered the pacific ocean.

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  1. Malo Jesiah. Manaia lou tusitala. I enjoyed reading your post and finding out about Christopher Columbus. Well written Jesiah. Imagine that - people must have thought our world was so small back in his day. It's amazing how explorers sailed the seas with only a compass and stars to go by - and maybe very basic maps. Amazing. I look forward to reading more from you here on your blog. Malo lava.