Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Cockroaches by Andrea

Cockroaches are repulsive and disgusting,spreading disease around your kitchen and home. They have eyes that go right around their head, so they don't need to move their eyes. They have thousands of lenses on their eyes, but humans only have one. However, their eye sight isn't really that good. The hairs on the cockroaches legs sense vibrations. Their long and skinny legs help them to run fast. A cockroach has antennae so they can hear, feel,and help to protect them selves.

Eating dead insects, makes a cockroach a scavenger. They will eat almost anything. Cockroaches have three body parts and two pairs of wings to help them get out of danger.
When a cockroach's exoskeleton breaks, it will crawl out of the old one and grow a bigger exoskeleton. The cockroach is a survivor, it has been around since prehistoric times.

Although the cockroach is disgusting, it can be very helpful.


  1. Ew, cockroaches are yucky! This is a great expository piece of writing. I'm glad to know that they can be helpful too.

  2. ki orana

    hi andrea that was pretty inpresive writing a hole paragragh about cockroach's and a great exposity piece of writing wish to see some more good animations andrea well done keep up the great work andrea.
    from denim