Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Monarch Butterflys

Life for a monarch starts as a tiny egg. The female will lay eggs. Several days after the egg has been laid, the caterpillar will start to nibble on its egg. Once the egg has been widened the caterpillar start crawling out of the egg. The caterpillar will soon return to the egg and will eat the egg . After the egg has been eaten the caterpillar will crawl across to a leaf the caterpillar eats milk weed leaves the caterpillar will eat until it is fat enough then it will find a twig and hang from it and slowly form a chrysalis.
The chrysalis will start opening and the caterpillar has now formed into are beautiful butterfly. The butterfly will struggle to get out of the chrysalis , at first the butterflys wings are not full size, but in a couple of minutes the wings expand to its natural size. It is now an adult, it will spend its day sucking nector from flowers and starting the life cycle once again.

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