Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Hosannah Butterfly Story

A monarch butterfly lays its egg on a leaf. It hatches between three and twelve days. A catterpiller emerges out of the egg ready to eat.

As soon as the catterpiller comes out, it starts to squim around and eats the swomp plant. Whileits starts to have poison in its body. once its fat, the catterpiller turns into a chrysalis.

Two weeks later the beautiful butterfly emerges from the chrysilas. The butterfly drys its wings because it won't be able to fly if she has water on her wings. Then it fly away into flowers and eating the nactar.


  1. Hi Hosannah,

    I think your writing is great! I like the fact that you used good vocab, varied beginnings and you drew a picture to go with it too. Sorry to say this but you need to check it more because there are spelling mistakes.
    Keep up the Great Work!


  2. Hey Hosannah,

    I really liked your story and even I didn't even know that much about butterflies. I also like your beautiful butterfly drawing. It is really beautiful. Well keep up the good work.

    Ka Pai


  3. Hi Hossanah,

    This is a cool piece of writing because you have added some detail and it describes the changes of a Caterpillar very well.

    Destiney M