Friday, July 9, 2010

The Destruction of Rich Town

On the day we made our volcano it was cool because the dough was gooey and blue. We wrapped the dough around a jar and started to smooth it out. I enjoy the things we made for our volcano. We made little houses, trees and mountains. It was fun making the volcano. I learnt that if you knead the dough will go smooth. I will change by not being bossy. We can do better by not being silly. Our voice over was okay but we could do better by adding more information.

What did I enjoy about it ?What i enjoyed about our volcano movie is exploding MT Hunter.
What could we had done better?What we could had done better is stick together as a team bit more.

I liked to erupted Mount Hunter. What we had to do better is to stick as a team. The part that we did well is drawing our pictures. What I learnt is how to erupt a volcano. What I would change for next time is to not play around when we are still have to finish our work.

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  1. Hey Guys
    What a great movie. As soon as I saw the volcano erupt in your movie I was like "Man thats was better then ours". That was preety cool. You got a preety good mark. Keep up the awsome work guys.