Monday, July 5, 2010

State of Origin

New South Wales are warming up for the big game for the State Of Origin Shield. ''Just look at Jarred Hayne from NSW sprinting around the stadium field 120 meters waiting to get a run away try''. ''So just look at Bret White from new south whales doing 40 push ups hardening up his shoulders and chest for some big tackles and for some big bump offs ''. They're ready to go on to the slippery cold foggy field.

It's time for the big game.
Johnathan Thurston kicks it off. Whats this? Jarred Hayne gets the ball and steps Darren Lockeyer he sprints past his team like fifty meters and gets speared by Steve Price. The second rower passes it to Anthony Minichiello and he bumps Steve Price off and gets a try now its 4-0 and New South Wales are wining by three. Now New South Wales got 4 trys and it is finished. New South Wales won and beat Queensland plus they had won the State of Origin Shield.
NSW 20 - Queensland 4

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