Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Our Fantastic Trip on the Ted Ashby

Sailing on the Ted Ashby ship was so freezing. The man who pulls the sails asked us if we would like to have a try at pulling up the main sail. As I was pulling I could feel icy wind biting my face. Sailing with the wind, my hair was blowing around so crazy. Waves were lapping against the Ted Ashby boat, as we sailed towards the Harbour Bridge.


  1. Hi Samuela,
    I loved reading your piece of writing. Great job Samuela.By the way that was the best story I have
    had heard about. Keep it up Samuela, awesome team work guys.

    From Sela Room10

  2. Hey Samuela

    I liked your post about the Ted Ashby. Anyway I am looking foward to commenting on some more post. Keep up the good work.