Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Room14 Makes Pirate Flags

As part of our work on pirates, we spent some time looking at all the different flags that pirates had. Using batik, we then made our own flags. Normally batik is made by using hot oil, but in our case we used a paste of flour and water to draw the outlines. Some of us found it really tricky, but as you can see we have made some really bright and colourful flags representing ourselves and our cultures. Turuhira, Mary, James and Samuela put this movie together.


  1. Hi Room14,
    I loved watching your movie about making pirate flags.

    From Sela

  2. Hi Room 14
    I really liked your movie.I liked the way how you used the flour on the paper with out any mistakes and how you died it with die gentle.KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK

    From Hossanah